The Montage

255 N Sierra Street

As far as the amenities and the quality of improvements, Montage is touted to provide the most luxurious living of all the condo towers in Reno.  With 52 floor plans to choose from and over 400 units in the building, prospective residents have a lot of options to choose from.  Some of the lux perks include: 24-hour doorman, 3 levels of underground parking, an onsite 6×10 storage locker for every resident, garden deck with dog run, heated pool with 2 jetted spas, a huge 2900 sq ft gym, a business center, and quite a bit more.

Through the years this building has had many names and many owners all of whom had great expectations for this property.  It was built in 1955 and operated as the Primadonna until 1978 at which point it became the Sahara Reno.  In 1981 it was renamed Reno Hilton.  About 10 years later it was renovated and renamed to the Flamingo Hilton.  In 2001 Hilton refused to renew its license, so the building became known as the Flamingo Reno.  The same year, Hilton decided to sell the building because it was no longer profitable.  The buyer was New York based Vista Hospitaliy LLC, who named the building the Golden Phoenix.  Sadly the new owner did not invest the money originally planned into the property and it failed to soar above the rest of the hotel/casinos in Reno as anticipated.  In 2004, as the condo conversion wave was sweeping the nation, Chicago developer Fernando Leal purchased the property with the ambition to make it the most luxurious condo tower in Reno.  The completion of the building was unfortunately timed with the real estate market collapse, and Leal turned the property over to the lender to avoid being foreclosed.  Today, The Montage is owned by Chicago based ST Residential and has finally reached the greatness it was destined for.