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From good to great

We think that some money back at the end of your transaction is a pretty great deal. Work with Home NV on your purchase and receive a rebate up to $1500 of Home NV buyer agent’s commission as a thank you for entrusting us with one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make. It just doesn’t get better than this!

Do you HATE to miss out?

We work tirelessly to make sure that our buyers find their dream home before someone else does. Contact us and learn about our systematic approach to finding the perfect abode.

Tech with touch

We guarantee that as our client you will never experience lack of communication. While we incorporate technology into our business, our clients are never outsourced to tech tools and can always connect with a team member.


In many ways, a great buyer’s agent is tour guide, a local expert, and a community champion. We pride ourselves on being ingrained in our community and know that our buyer representation services are second to none!

Savvy negotiators

In a competitive real estate market, you need a Realtor who will do more than submit offers and hope one gets accepted. The skill of crafting an offer and negotiating the best terms is honed through years of experience. There’s much more to the escrow process than paperwork. Work with us and see the difference!


Rebate Terms and Conditions

Estimated rebate amount not guaranteed. Rebate amount may vary according to purchase price. Rebate is subject to adjustment or cancellation if the commission received by Home NV from the cooperating broker is less than 2.5% of the property sales price, the commission amount provided to Home NV changes after the signing of the agreement or must be shared with additional parties, or if Home NV is prohibited from distributing the rebate. Lender approval is required for commission rebates. In some circumstances buyer’s lender may not allow buyer to receive a rebate and Home NV cannot guarantee that all lenders will allow 100% distribution of the rebate—as a result, Home NV strongly recommends that Buyers discuss with their lenders, in advance, the anticipated receipt of the rebate. Home NV will only issue rebate to the person(s) and/or entity listed on the recorded deed which transfers ownership of the subject real property at the closing of a transaction.